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Examples of custom designed gearboxes

Please send us details of your requirement by email or fax. We are very flexible and are happy to supply whatever quantity you require.

Adjustable BevelBox Adjustable BevelBox
Both input and output angle can be adjusted.
Réducteurs co-axiaux Inline Spur Boxes in a Perspex housing
Inline Spur Boxes Special feature BevelBox with
  • hard anodised casing
  • armolloy plating on bevels and shafts
  • 316 stainless bearing caps
  • 440C stainless bearings
  • viton oil seals.
WormWheel Gearbox WormWheel Gearbox
The output shaft has an especially large bore with a special thread.
Spur Reduction GearBox Spur Reduction GearBox
  • 500:1
  • Designed to fit into a very specific mounting space.
WormWheel Gearbox WormWheel Gearbox
  • Special Large output Flange/Plate
  • with single sided input shaft.
Servo WormWheel Assembly Servo WormWheel Assembly

The customer supplied the servomotor and inline reducer. HPC designed and built a mounting plate and the output gear and delivered the unit as a finished assembly.

Helical/BevelGearbox Helical/BevelGearbox
A special adapor plate and other small modifications allowed 2 standard units to be joined together.
Minature Right Angle Gearboxes Minature Right Angle Gearboxes with DC motor

Design of a special gearbox to mount directly on the shaft of a DC motor. The input thread was machined to accept the motor shaft so that the size of finished assembly was reduced.

Minature Right Angle Gearboxes Minature Right Angle Gearboxes with DC motor
Handle WormWheel Gearbox Handle WormWheel Gearbox
A new worm shaft on the input allowed us to fit one of our standard aluminium hand wheels.
WormWheel Gearbox WormWheel Gearbox

A single input worm, dual output wheels, all in a specially designed housing.

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